1. Specialty machine or manual welding services for all alloy material
  2. Shop manufacturing
  3. Orbital welding services
  4. Pressure vessel repairs
  5. Installation and repair of instrumentation tubing, steam tubing and piping of all sizes and alloy material
  6. Staff augmentation

ME&I provides some of the best welders, weld techniques and weld procedures in the industry. Possessing the “R” stamp (Repair Stamp), the “U” stamp (Piping and pressure vessel fabrication) and the “S” stamp (Power boilers), allows ME&I to offer industry leading services to any type of project, in any facility.

In addition, ME&I fabricates parts and pressure vessels in our shops that can be sent to site, ready for installation. This shop fabrication allows projects to be streamlined and endorses key communication between shop and field. ME&I also offers staff augmentation to any project in need of ensuring on-site personnel are capable of performing only top-quality workmanship.

ME&I is continuously raising the bar when it comes to welding process and procedure. Having developed specialized welding procedures for any kind of alloy that can be done using various welding techniques, ME&I is uniquely qualified to perform any and all welding needs for any project. These unique qualifications save our customers and partners time and money by not having to bring on multiple contractors to perform various work scopes on a single job site. Any of this welding can be done manually using GTAW, FCAW, GMAW, or SMAW techniques, or done via specialty orbital welding (direct and/or indirect). ME&I also delivers specialty welding procedures that promote cleaner, more effective welds, such as Surface Tension Transfer (STT) Waveform Control Technology and TIP TIG, which is a semi-automatic high-deposition metal transfer (HDMT®) variant of the manual TIG welding (GTAW) process.

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