1. New erection projects
  2. Outage services
  3. Maintenance planning and execution
  4. Pressure part erection and repairs
  5. Flue and duct erection and repairs
  6. Air heater erection and repairs
  7. SCR erection and repairs
  8. Scrubber erection and repairs

ME&I provides turn-key erection and repair capabilities for boiler services. Our Field
Service Engineers inspect all equipment that needs to be examined and carry out
trouble shooting where necessary. This attention to detail allows ME&I to prepare an
engineered repair plan that is both efficient and economical.

Once the inspection services are complete, a fluid transition is done with our team to execute repair or erection. Our skilled team of welders, pipe fitters, machinists and field engineers ensure
the work is completed in the safest, most efficient, and costeffective manner. We can match your facility up with a particular field engineer and service team to ensure continuity through any
project that is taken on. Our team can assist in planning future maintenance and outages, so the facility is kept in top operating condition and ultimately minimize downtime and maximize safety.
Our technicians are fully qualified to work on any part of a boiler system on the boiler island. From the fuel source coming in (solid, liquid or gas) to the flue gas coming out of the stack, we provide
engineers and personnel to meet any project requirements.

Pressure parts for feedwater systems, boiler proper and steam exiting the unit will be managed by industry-leading pipefitters, welders and machinists. Flues and ducts, air heaters, SCRs and scrubbers will be handled with years of erection and repair experience from skilled field service engineers and labor for these specific projects.

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